Sunday, March 26, 2017

5th Graders Celebrate Colonial Craft Day

Mr. Smith's Class
Last Friday our 5th grade students had the chance to travel back in time to experience what life was like for children during colonial days. Our students and teachers dressed in the clothing of the time period, learned how to make their own candles and butter, knit, and create hand painted toys. Our students enjoyed a delicious "family style" lunch, which provided a perfect time to debrief their experiences and learnings from the day.

Thanks and appreciation to our 5th grade team for creating this special and unique learning celebration, and to our parent volunteers who add so much to this day. 

Andi Cobaj and Kelly Conley
Tom and Diane McDowell
We're grateful to Nini Emmons for her assistance and support getting ready for Colonial Craft Day, which was clearly enjoyed by all, and to Blair Currier, Kathy Lathem and the HMS Nutrition Team for their time and effort creating a very special meal for our students to share together!
Chloe Bibula
Benjamin Flowerdew
Curtis Adams-Beyea

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