Monday, March 27, 2017

Civil Rights Team update

HMS Civil Rights Team: Ms. Mike, Avi Singh, Tyler Roderick, Erik Borda, Louisa Thompson-Longshore, Grace Shi, Ellie Zimmerman, Ms. Agell
Team members Finn Snow, Emily Mickool and Joshua Leinwand, were not present for the photo
The HMS Civil Rights team created a thoughtful and informative bulletin board focused on the labels students have heard at HMS. The words reported by our students refer negatively to people in all categories protected under the Maine Civil Rights Law. The Civil Rights Team crafted questions that caused students to pause and reflect on how they feel when they use negative labels, and what using these labels says about the labelers. Their presentation received a lot of positive attention and fostered interesting conversations among HMS community members.

 Our thanks and appreciation to the HMS Civil Rights team, and Mrs. Mike and Ms. Agell, the advisors to this team. Their inspiring work caused us to stop, think, and talk with each other about these words, which impact all of us daily. If you haven't seen the bulletin board yet please stop by (it's across from the library) and take time to consider this learning and the issues this project brings into focus for all of us. We're looking forward to the next activity sponsored by our Civil Rights team, and the learning it will bring to the forefront of our community.

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