Saturday, November 12, 2016

Cathy Flanagan wins YMCA Staff Excellence Award

Congratulations to Cathy Flanagan, HMS Educational Technician, on receiving the YMCA Staff Excellence Award for her work as the Camp Director of Pineland. Recipients of this honor demonstrate their commitment to thinking, acting, and communicating in a caring, honest, and responsible manner on behalf of children and service to community. 

 Cathy and her nephew Will, also a member of the Pineland staff

As the write up for this prestigious award notes, "Cathy is beloved by campers, parents, and staff alike. She has a special way with children, and counselors say that they return to camp each summer because they love working with her. In fact, nearly all of the counselors started as campers themselves, nurtured and mentored by Cathy. Cathy works diligently with her staff to create a safe and supportive camp experience where kids learn new skills, develop character, and make lifelong friends....Cathy's dedication to her campers ensures that they truly have the opportunity to discover their potential."

If you know Cathy, you understand that every word above describes her to perfection. You also know that she's not the least bit interested in the limelight and that it took considerable effort to convince her to share this exciting news : ). The HMS community of students, parents and staff truly love and appreciate Cathy for who she is and all she does. We have been the very fortunate recipients of her work for many years; we're incredibly proud of her achievement!

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