Tuesday, November 1, 2016

District 2 Middle School Honors Choir!

Kimberly Grover shared the following, exciting news about the exceptionally high number of HMS students accepted to the District 2 Middle School Honors Choir! Congratulations to Kimberly and her students!

Congratulations to the following 30 HMS students who were accepted, through individual auditions, to the District 2 Middle School Honors Choir!!! 

This represents a lot of dedication, focus, practice, and hard work as well as talent.

Students will attend the 2017 District II Honors Vocal Festival at Windham High School on January 27 and 28, 2017.
7th Sopranos

Hillary Connor
Fiona Brown
Elena Schlax
Tori Kendeigh
Lexi Inger
Maddie Emrich-Shanks 
Maren Found
Maya Panozzo 
Caroline Meehan
7th Altos

Marin Cowell
Ella Doxsee
Delaney McDonough 
Emily Mickool
Olivia May
7th Baritones 
Tyler Lucca
Isaac Grondin
Milo Wiebus
Ethan Bolles
Jared Conant
Krisztian Kovacs 
Nicolas Mogul-Campbell 
Galen Skinner   
8th Sopranos  
Eleanor Zimmerman 
8th Alto 
Izabel Cox-Faxon 
Lydia Dustin
Abigail Hill
Calin McGonagle 

8th Baritones  
Evan Lucca 
Max Kemplar 
Miles Hagedorn

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