Saturday, November 26, 2016

David Shaffer visits the HMS Symphonic Band

 Thanks to Mr. C. for arranging Mr. Shaffer's visit and sharing the details of this exciting experience:

On November 17th, 7th and 8th grade students in the HMS Symphonic Band welcomed Composer, David Shaffer, who engaged the students in a clinic. The band has been working on a variety of music this fall, including "Promise of a New Sunrise" composed by Mr. Shaffer. 

Director/Composer David Shaffer
 Mr. Shaffer visited our school and other schools in Maine, conducting his music and helping the band to improve their technique and sound. A long time college band director from Ohio, Mr. Shaffer now lives in Boston. He complimented our students on their willingness to learn and improve, as well and their focus and response to his conducting and requests.

The students were excited to have this special visit and came away with a better sense of how to play their music at a higher level of ability. Also, the chance to have a real live, composer visit with us is a rare treat for the band.

Thanks to out students and Mr. Shaffer for making this clinic a highlight of the fall for the HMS Symphonic band!


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