Saturday, November 26, 2016

Maine Biotech Day

Morgan Cuthbert and Jay Harrington filled us in on this exciting opportunity for 7th grade science students:
Dr. Norman Moore
The 7th grade science classes were fortunate to host Dr. Norman Moore from the Alere Medical Company. Dr. Moore is an expert on infectious diseases. He discussed the importance of finding the root of specific diseases in order to develop appropriate treatments. He created the patent on a device to detect the strand of bacteria that causes pneumonia so medications could be tailored to treat this illness. 

Dr. Moore shared stories about his work lecturing around the world. His talks focus on infectious disease and working to control/exhaust outbreaks. Stories of 15 foot tapeworms and MERS captivated our students. Dr. Moore provided an exciting look into the field of biotechnology, from immunology to ecology. He lit a spark for some of our students interested in pursuing the field in the future. 

Our thanks to Dr. Moore for he presentation and to Agnieszka Carpenter, from Bioscience Association of Maine, for including HMS in this exciting opportunity!


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